What is the purpose for Pūmanawa Mahi?

Pūmanawa Mahi was developed to solve the problem of a mismatch between relevant opportunity and Māori talent.

What projects can be posted on Pūmanawa Mahi?

Pūmanawa Mahi caters to any projects falling under our expanding range of categories available. If the project can be completed on a computer or through consultation, it is a project that can be posted on Pūmanawa Mahi.

What does Pūmanawa Mahi charge for the service?

There is no joining fee for Pūmanawa Mahi. However, Pūmanawa Mahi charges a nominal service fee of 10% of gross pay/income to Contractors and 10% of gross pay/income to Clients for providing the services of the site.

Why would I use Pūmanawa Mahi?

It makes coming together on projects easy. For Contractors, it provides Māori with an avenue to work that otherwise may be unobtainable. For Clients, it brings you together with a talented pool of Māori Contractors over a project through an easy-to-use platform.

I have a project but there is no category for it.

Please contact us through the chat button on the bottom right of your screen with your project and we will ensure to find a category that fits your situation.

I am unsure how to use the site.

Please view the video series explaining the use of different site features. Also, throughout Pūmanawa Mahi, you will find the green question mark symbol where a video exists to assist you in the operation of that site feature. If you have any questions relating to the use of the site, please contact Pūmanawa Mahi.

What should I do after I register?

Following registration, feel free to browse through our categories. When you are ready to post your project, head to the ‘Post a Project’ page and tell us about it. We will then get to work in notifying the relevant Contractors for your project.

How do I ensure that my project is successful in attracting Contractors?

When posting a project, please ensure that you provide Pūmanawa Mahi with as much information as possible as this gives Contractors a better understanding of the project, increasing your chances of receiving bids.

What if I am not happy with the work completed?

If the Client is unhappy with the quality of the work completed and this is unresolvable between the two parties alone, Pūmanawa Mahi provides a mediation service.

Who owns the legal rights to work produced by a Contractor on my project posted on Pūmanawa Mahi?

The legal rights to work produced through a project posted on Pūmanawa Mahi remain the rights of the Client unless otherwise agreed in writing.

How do I pay for the Contractor and what is the fee? 

Depending on the terms of the project posted, the payment process will vary accordingly. Here is the general guidance:

  • Fixed projects: If no milestones are entered, payment will be required at the completion of the project. If milestones are present, payment will be required at the completion of each milestone in accordance with the amounts stipulated in the job specifications.
  • Projects on an hourly basis: Payment will be required each month for the outstanding work completed to date on the project. Final payment will be due at the successful completion of the project.

Please note that there is no fee chargeable to the Client for the use of Pūmanawa Mahi services. The fee is charged to the Contractor for the provision of work.

Can Pūmanawa Mahi generate an official invoice for my use?

Yes. Pūmanawa Mahi can generate official invoices for all Clients for their use.

Can Pūmanawa Mahi help find Contractors for me?

After posting your project, Pūmanawa Mahi will notify all the relevant Contractors that your project has been posted. Along with this, you can search through the Contractors to find the right one to suggest for your project – the Contractor will then be notified of this suggestion. In the event that you are finding it difficult to attract the right Contractor, please make contact with Pūmanawa Mahi.

How do I contact a Contractor on Pūmanawa Mahi when I have accepted their bid?

The service Pūmanawa Mahi provides is bringing the Client together with the Contractor. Upon accepting a Contractor’s bid, you will see their contact details (phone number and email) in the Pae Mahi within the project tile. From here you can contact the Contractor to form a normal working relationship.

What does the ‘invite’ button on a Contractor profile mean?

You can invite Contractors to view your project by clicking the invite button and selecting the project you wish them to view. Please note – you will only be able to invite Contractors to view projects that do not yet have an engaged Contractor.

What should I do after I register for Pūmanawa Mahi?

After you register for Pūmanawa Mahi, you will be prompted to complete your profile. Without completing your profile, you are unable to bid for work on Pūmanawa Mahi. When you have completed your profile, you are free to browse and bid for work!

My bid has been accepted! How do I start doing work on Pūmanawa Mahi?

Congratulations! You will see the Client’s contact details (phone number and email address) in the Pae Mahi within the relevant project tile. From here, you can contact the Contractor and form a normal working relationship.

What is the best way to engage on a project with a Client?

The way you engage with the Client on a project is entirely up to you and the Client. Working arrangements can be negotiated upon acceptance of the bid or may already be stipulated in the information provided by the Client.

Does Pūmanawa Mahi help me to manage my work?

The service Pūmanawa Mahi provides is one of bringing you together with Clients while managing the 'admin’ (e.g. timesheets and evaluations) between the two parties. You are in control of your workflow as Pūmanawa Mahi has no restrictions in place relating to the number of projects you can be engaged in at any one time. We expect Contractors to manage their time effectively.

Why is it a good idea to engage with Clients on Pūmanawa Mahi?

Pūmanawa Mahi makes it easy to engage with Clients on a wide range of projects. Among the reasons for engaging with Clients on Pūmanawa Mahi, below are a few:

  1. Easy access to work,
  2. Removal of the ‘red-tape’ so that you do not need to do the admin,
  3. Security and work protection to keep you safe.

Is my hourly rate visible?

Your hourly rate is only visible to Clients on projects that your have placed a bid on. This hourly rate is only visible for the period when your bid is live.

What rate will I work at?

There are no predetermined rates on Pūmanawa Mahi – you set your own rate. You can change your rate anytime via the ‘Edit Profile’ page.